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County Ambassadors

Our county ambassador programme is a voluntary role open to all ages. Our aim is to appoint one or two ambassadors per coastal county to represent nwsro within their local area, spread awareness and education in their local communities, take part in our campaigns, partake in some events if willing, and generally just be a supporter and ambassador for our oceans.
We hope that the ambassador programme will be a fun and enjoyable experience for those that take part, allow individuals to gain experience in marine conservation and citizen science while learning new skills that will help with their future career and most importantly, ignite a passion within members of our local communities to save coastal wildlife and take on a responsible stewardship approach to marine conservation. We will be appointing ambassadors for:

– Fflintshire
– Denbighshire
– Wrexham
– Gwynedd
– Anglesey
– Conwy

This role has no set time requirement, you can take part in as much or as little as you like as long as you are interacting with communities positively and learning as you go – so no prior experience is required. If you’re passionate about the marine environment and our coastal wildlife or know someone who is, send us an application using the questions below as a guide.

Our first ambassador orientation will be online in August 2023 so get your applications in before then! Please take your time and write us a cover letter (max 2 A4 pages word document) answering the questions below (add more info in if you think its something relevant that you would like us to know) and please specify which county you are applying for. We hope to hear from you soon!

Guideline questions:

– Tell us about yourself
– What county are you applying for?
– Why do you want to be an ambassador?
– Why is marine conservation important to you?
– Tell us about an organisation that you find inspiring and why.
– Why do you think citizen science is important?
– Why do you think seals are important? (in Wales, in the UK, globally)
– Give us examples of when you have engaged with the public on an issue important to you.
– What area of conservation is most important to you and why? (eg: education, research, engagement, practical hands on aspects, data handling etc)

Remember, there are no wrong answers. What you do within the ambassador role will be dependent on age but it is open to all ages and all levels of experience. For younger ambassador applicants, parents are welcome to complete it for them with input from the applicants themselves.

Send completed applications to